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PAY RESEARCH BUREAU (under the aegis of the Prime Minister's Office)


Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How can I get a copy of the PRB Report?

A. You can download the Report from our site ( -
alternatively a hard copy may be purchased from the Government Printing Office.

Q. Can I make individual representation in respect of my grade?

A. Yes, you may submit representations to the Bureau through the Head of your Organisation and the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms.

Q. How can I get additional information on Conditions of Service?

A. Either from the Personnel Section of your Organisation or from the Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and Administrative Reforms.

Q. The information I am looking for is not available on line – Can I contact an Officer of the Bureau?

A. Yes, you may contact the PRB staff via email or phone. Contact information is available on our website (
We also appreciate your feedback on our site. Please send your views and comments to