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PAY RESEARCH BUREAU (under the aegis of the Prime Minister's Office)
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Quality Policies and Core Values

Our Strategic Direction:
·         To carry out reviews of pay and grading structures and conditions of service in the Civil Service, Rodrigues Regional Assembly, Parastatal and other Statutory Bodies, Local Authorities and the Private Secondary Schools and to make appropriate recommendations with a view to:
(a)    rendering the sector more efficient and effective;
(b)   facilitating recruitment and retention of required skills in the service;
(c)    boosting reforms initiatives;
(d)   ensuring that reward in the Public Sector keeps pace with those of corresponding positions in the private sector, to the extent that it is desirable;
(e)    establishing and maintaining reasonable differentials in respect of different categories of skills and levels of responsibility; and
(f)    ensuring adequate linkage between pay and economic growth in the country.
·         To conduct research and keep abreast of developments in the fields of Remuneration, Conditions of Employment, Organisation Design and the like.
·         To advise on the proper design of organisation structures.
·         To assist in the implementation of our recommendations.
Our Quality Policies:
·         The Bureau is responsible to keep under constant review the pay and grading structures and conditions of service in the Public Sector and to make appropriate recommendations with a view to –
(a)    providing equitable pay
(b)   recruiting and retaining required skills in the Public Sector
(c)    inducing desired employee behaviour
(d)   promoting harmonious industrial environment
(e)    facilitating the delivery of effective quality service in the Public Sector.
·         We are committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System to ensure its continuing suitability for meeting the need and aspiration of our customers.  In the provision of the service, we shall ensure that we abide to all applicable requirements.
·         Our objective is to attain excellence and the delivery of effective and quality service, on time, and in an equitable manner so as to maximize customer satisfaction.
·         The Quality Policy is being aligned with the strategic direction of the Pay Research Bureau.

Our Core Values

·         Equity and Fairness - We ensure that pay policies are just and fair and rewards are commensurate with responsibility, competence and contribution.
·         Quality and Timeliness - We are committed to provide quality and timely services.
·         Uniformity and Consistency - We conduct the affairs of the Bureau in an equitable, uniform, and consistent manner and in line with provisions of the law.
·         Integrity - We are guided by standards of high professional ethics and operate in a consultative and transparent manner.
·         Team Spirit - We foster teamwork, participation and the sharing of information.
·         Yearning for Excellence - We strive to deliver on the frontiers of excellence in all our undertakings.