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PAY RESEARCH BUREAU (under the aegis of the Prime Minister's Office)

Main Services

Main Services Provided/Customer Standards

Publish a report on the General Review of Pay and Grading Structures and Conditions of Service once every five years.
Publish a report on Errors, Omissions and Clarifications of the main PRB Report within one year of its publication.
Process requests within 10 working days from receipt of relevant/complete information as regards:
 Advice on remuneration and on terms of employment of contract officers.
Salary grading for new posts.
Regrading existing posts following changes in duties and specifications (knowledge, skills and abilities).
Eligibility criteria for duty free facilities on cars and auto/motorcycles and other traveling benefits.
Determination/Revision of allowances.
Advice on pensionable emoluments for public sector pensioners.
Determination of remuneration packages of officers in posts established under the Constitution or any other Laws.
Examine and report within four weeks as from receipt of all relevant data on all cases concerning design/redesign of organisation structures.
Examine all queries regarding interpretation/clarification of recommendations and make a reply within five working days of the receipt of relevant complete information.
Advise on conditions of service and employee benefits within 12 working days from receipt of all relevant information.
Advise on the proper procedures to make representations in general.
Form part of various standing committees and other committees on reforms.
Have consultations with stakeholders, as and when required.
Tender advice over the telephone as and when required.
Answer calls within three rings
Provide the required information in a courteous manner
Provide updated information through our website.
Make replies to e-mails within two working days.
Parastatal & other Statutory Bodies
Local Authorities
Rodrigues Regional Assembly
Private Secondary Schools
Private Organisations
Individual Public Sector Employees
Public Sector Pensioners
Staff Associations
Procedure to tap Service
Access to the Bureau
1. Management
(a) Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms (MCS & AR) Directly
(b) Other Ministries Through MCSAR
(c) Rodrigues Regional Assembly Through MCSAR
(d) Departments Through parent Ministry and MCSAR
(e) Parastatal Bodies and Local Authorities Through parent Ministry and MCSAR
(f) Private Secondary Schools Through Private Secondary School Authority, parent Ministry and MCSAR.
2. Staff Associations and Individual Officers
Generally through Management of organisations concerned or directly in the context of an overall review.
3. Private Organisations Directly
4. Public Sector Pensioners
Through the Accountant General or through Management of organisations concerned.
In the context of an overall review of pay and grading structures and conditions of service and organisation structures in the public sector, parastatal and other statutory bodies, local authorities and Rodrigues Regional Assembly are allowed to send their representations directly to the Bureau.