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PAY RESEARCH BUREAU (under the aegis of the Prime Minister's Office)


Functions of PRB
The Pay Research Bureau is responsible for the continual review of the Pay and Grading Structures and Conditions of Service in the Public Sector (Civil Service, Parastatal and other Statutory Bodies, Local Authorities and Rodrigues Regional Assembly) and the Private Secondary Schools.

The preparation of reviews generally involves:
Carrying out research:
(i) on issues related to policy and administration of salaries, allowances and other perquisites.
(ii) on developments related to salary administration, pay systems and pay policy of foreign countries.
(iii) on remuneration practices, terms and conditions of service of employees in the Private Sector.

Having consultations with management and unions.
Devising appropriate job evaluation schemes and carrying out assessment of jobs.
Formulating policies and making recommendations on Public Sector Management Reforms, salaries, allowances and other Conditions of Service in the Civil Service, Parastatal and other Statutory Bodies, Local Authorities, Rodrigues Regional Assembly, Private Secondary Schools, and for officers in posts established under the Constitution and/or any other laws, etc…..

The functions of the Bureau in between major reviews are:
Monitoring and overseeing the correct implementation of recommendations.
Advising on problems arising out of interpretation of recommendations.
Advising in the revision of public service pension and resolving problems in that connection.
Assisting Public Sector organisations to resolve problems pertaining to salary, allowances and Conditions of Service.
Assisting Government in formulating terms and Conditions of Service and determining salaries and allowances for officers in posts established under the Constitution and/or any other laws.
Providing consultancy and advisory services to Public Sector Organisations on organisation structures, creation and assessment of new levels, compression of grades and framing of Schemes of Service etc.
Carrying out surveys of organisations to take account of new functions created by changes in technology or working methods etc and
Studying claims from parties and correcting errors and anomalies, wherever expedient and desirable.